A focal point for all the communit

A focal point for the whole community

Since the early 1970’s, a significant effort has been made to share the space and facilities available in St Stephen’s with charitable and voluntary groups in order to publicise their activities, recruit members and raise funds for their cause. The building is currently used for these purposes on most weekdays in the year in addition to the holding of regular Sunday church services. A total of 80 different charitable organisations shared use of the church on 84% of all weekdays in the last full year.

A free lunch-time concert in St Stephen’s

The building is also used to stage exhibitions, concerts, free lunch-time recitals and as a base for street artists attending events in the High Street. In addition, the building is used on a regular basis by self-help groups for meetings and for orchestral and choir rehearsals.

It is the central location of St Stephen’s in Exeter High Street that provides such a convenient meeting place, and a potential source of supporters and visitors from among the thousands of pedestrians who pass its doors each day.

‘We love the fact that people walk in off the High Street in the middle of their shopping. They expect us to be there! St Stephen’s is a haven in the centre of Exeter.’ HOSPISCARE

‘Spending a morning in St Stephen’s is very useful in raising awareness about our rather unknown condition. The Church is so central.’ DEVON LUPUS GROUP

‘We have a lovely arrangement with St Stephen’s. The place is central and we are made to feel at home. We really appreciate being able to share the use of the building in the way we do.’

‘Being in the centre of the city our coffee mornings are very successful in supplementing our funds. Thank you, St Stephens, for allowing us to share your church.’ EXCEL TWINNING GROUP

‘St Stephen’s has become the focal point for friends working together and fundraising.’

‘We do so appreciate the use of St Stephen’s. We find this an ideal venue for our three fund-raising events during the year which help various self-sufficiency projects in developing countries.’

‘We would like to thank you for allowing us to share use of St Stephen’s. Our coffee morning did really well and managed to raise some badly-needed funds — as well as awareness.’

‘We use St Stephen’s because it is so available to people. We like to raise money for ‘Helping Hand’ projects—this year it is called ‘Embrace’ and is for children in need all over the world—to give them a better future.’ THE SALVATION ARMY

‘We like to share use of St Stephen’s to raise money for different charities. We have been doing this in St Stephen’s for many years and our next event is for the RNLI.’