Aims of the St Stephen Project

Aims of the St Stephen Project

To support a strong community

The ultimate aim of the St Stephen’s Project is to encourage and contribute to a strong sense of community and community participation among residents, workers and visitors in Exeter city centre through the shared use of St Stephen’s Church.

To provide an accessible and shared space in St Stephen’s

The immediate aim of the St Stephen’s Project is to renovate and refurbish St Stephen’s to create a modern multi-functional space which is accessible to all and which enables charitable, community and voluntary organisations to promote and hold social and cultural events whilst retaining St Stephen’s thousand-year role as a consecrated building.

To enable access by all community members

The practical aim is to refurbish St Stephen’s in order to promote the sharing of its use by all community members, especially those who are experiencing hearing, sight or mobility difficulty.

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St Stephen’s in Exeter High Street