The St Stephen’s Project – a building shared with the community

Over the last three decades it has been demonstrated and widely acknowledged that St Stephen’s is an important community resource in Exeter which, because of its location and availability, continues to play a major part in the support of organisations contributing to Exeter’s social life.

The St Stephen’s Project – bringing together the past and present

By restoring access to the gallery and ‘old sanctuary’, by opening up the church to embrace the wider community in a variety of practical ways and by sensitively encouraging the presentation of high quality modern artistic endeavour, St Stephen’s will not only reflect its historic past, which the building’s millennium of existence inevitably bestows, but will also be making a serious contribution to present-day community and cultural life in the heart of the city.

The St Stephen’s Project – enriching community life

Because of its noteworthy promotion of shared community activities over many years, the St Stephen’s Project is taking place within a context of active commitment to community participation and involvement. What is new is the desire to take this community involvement to the next stage of commitment by sharing in the regeneration of Exeter city centre through the provision of easy access to a newly renovated, welcoming, shared space designed to support community life in all its richness.

Representatives of organisations sharing use of St Stephen’s
The aim of the St Stephen’s Project to provide access for all and to share use of the ancient church of St Stephen’s in Exeter High Street is of value to the whole community and I support it whole-heartedly.’
Ben Bradshaw, MP for Exeter