Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs

Estimated cost (1)
Works/fees to end of Project(2): 1,361,223
Fittings/furnishings: 40,329
Heritage Centre(3):  35,000
Administration: 14,002
Fundraising: 8,067
Grant contributions(4): 76,452
Miscellaneous: 6,694
Loan return: 80,000

Total estimated cost:


Funds raised
Parish donations/fundraising events: 195,326
Public donations/collections: 162,819
Grants received: 846,836
Grant promises(5): 141,747

Gift Aid, VAT return; bank interest:

Temporary loan(6): 80,000

Total funds raised:




Less estimated sale income(7):


Sum currently needed:



  1. Based on sums paid plus estimated balance owed.

  2. Repair and safety work to the roof and tower was completed in 2009; low level external and internal plaster repair was completed in 2011. Internal works including an internal mobility ramp, new access lobby, floor level changes, a servery, a gallery, community meeting rooms; heating, lighting and communication systems and the refurbishment of the old sanctuary as an heritage information centre are in the last stage of completion. All internal works have been designed to provide appropriate support facilities for those experiencing mobility, hearing or sight difficulty. This sum also includes the cost of smaller items discovered as work progressed.

  3. This sum is additional to the works on the access and refurbishment of the old sanctuary (included in works cost).

  4. Grants received under the Landfill Community Fund scheme required a local contribution of !0.2%

  5. The balance of promised grants under the Landfill Community Fund scheme, by other Trusts and by promised personal donations.

  6. In order to meet contracted costs, an interest-free loan was secured against the auction of Parish assets which is due to take place shortly before the Project is completed.

  7. The Parish has been given permission to auction some of its surplus silver plate.

To April 30th 2012, 99% of the cost of all works/fees to the end of the Project and 94% of all costs including fittings/furnishings, administration etc. has been raised

Fundraising is undertaken by volunteers ~ no professional fundraiser is employed