Progress of Project

Progress of Project


Need to repair roof and refurbish interior of St Stephen’s recognised.

Consultations undertaken with various local and national bodies and with users of the building.


Architect’s plans for roof and tower and conceptual drawings for interior widely shared. Second set accepted after three rounds of local and national consultations.

Archaeological, access, cost survey reports commissioned and received.

Project display inside St Stephen’s Church

Public displays of proposed changes with invitation to comment

Application (failed) to English Heritage for Phase 1 (roof/ tower) funding support.

High Street banner


Patrons (Lord Mayor/Bishop/MP) accept invitation.

Risk analysis undertaken.

Application (roof/tower repair) to English Heritage re-submitted (successful).


Vehicular access to building agreed.

Public fundraising launch; Phase 1 matched funding raised.

Design team established; website set up.

Permissions to proceed with Phase 1 works obtained.


Phase 1 works undertaken – scaffold, hoarding, sheeted elevations and roof coverings. Removal and reinstatement of slated and lead roof to building, tower and spire.

Roof found to be seriously ‘blitz’ damaged, tower required strengthening and parapet over the High Street pavement was in a dangerous condition.

Roof and tower repairs completed in 2008


‘Access for all’ policy agreed after wide consultation (inc. focus groups).

Preliminary archaeological assessment of crypt undertaken.

Removal, restoration and relocation of historic pipe organ undertaken.

Staged progression of Phases 2 to 5 discussed and budget estimate agreed.

Successful grant application to Viridor Credits Environment Co. (Landfill Community Fund) submitted.

Collecting box displayed daily in High Street


Planning and ecclesiastical permissions to proceed with Phases 2 – 5 obtained.

Asbestos, monument care, heating and lighting surveys commissioned.

Re-structuring of management team undertaken.

Funds to meet estimated cost of Phase 2 and part of Phase 3 obtained.

Tender for Phase 2 works with start date in January 2011 accepted.

Fundraising continues and reaches a total of £1 million by the year-end.

2011 (to August)

Phase 2 (internal & external walls) works commenced in January and completed in May.

Additional grant from Viridor Credits makes it possible to commence Phase 3.

Phase 3 (internal refurbishment) commenced in June.

Removal of contents including Kitchen, Vestry, Tower Room, Porch, Dias, Floor completed.

Preparation for internal ramp completed.

New stone floor prepared.

West End large window revealed.

Fund-raising reaches £1.35M – 88% of total sum needed.